Varicocele, As the Disease – Symptoms and Treatment


Varicocele – is a disease that is characterized by varicose veins of the spermatic cord as a result of failure or absence of valves. The disease is not life-threatening, but can cause infertility in men. The disease is very common and frequently diagnosed in teens during preventive examinations. In the majority of cases it develops from the left side (due to anatomical features). To the right is extremely rare and more often a sign of other diseases (tumor of the right kidney, etc.).

In the case of failure or absence of valves and due to high blood pressure counter will fall out of the system left renal vein in the left testicular vein. This compensatory will be stagnation of blood in the veins of the spermatic cord. Circulatory disturbance in the testicle and raising its temperature (due to the accumulation of large amounts of blood) leads to inhibition of its function, and subsequently to its loss.

Causes of Varicocele

The main complaints in varicocele are an increase in the corresponding half of the scrotum, pain in the groin, in the scrotum, worse during physical exertion. In the initial stages of the disease, patients no complaints. With the progression of the disease increases the left half of the scrotum, the skin contoured veins of the spermatic cord, there are periodic aching pain, aggravated by physical effort.

Varicocele is not a difficult disease to diagnose. In most cases, diagnosis is based on clinical data.

In difficult cases to diagnose shown ultrasound to determine the scrotum varicose veins of the spermatic cord, retrograde blood flow and testicle size. The methods show how to use modern medicine today. Nowadays overlaps the internal spermatic vein and this leads to the restoration of retrograde flow. Very important is the preservation of the homonymous artery that supplies the testicle.

In order to determine the dysfunction of testicular sperm study shows.

Varicocele can develop at any age. And in any period, it requires treatment. Of course, first of all think about the operation that is the most radical and reliable way to fix the problem, it is necessary if the patient – is a child.

Treatment of Varicocele

However, and in adulthood is required to correct the impaired blood flow to relieve the patient from discomfort. Conservative treatment only makes sense, if diagnosed at an early stage. In this case, a special bandage is worn, warning further expansion vessels. In all other cases, a much easier and more reliable is to do the surgery.

Its essence lies in the ligation of varicose veins and off them from the bloodstream. As a result, the vessels are fallen down, and varicocele ceases to exist. The medical center offers operation – ligation using micro surgical techniques. It is performed with a minimum cut under special loops, and after 1-2 days the man is completely restored. This operation is suitable, including, for children. Pediatric surgery is no different from an adult, but it has a great influence on the essence. This will help quickly to recover and heal.

Today, it is the gold standard treatment of varicocele in Europe, which gives almost absolute guarantee of results:

  • painless surgery;
  • rapid recovery;
  • daily check of a condition;
  • postoperative care;
  • check out in the near term;
  • the period of resignation.

Varicocele – is not just a cosmetic problem. The expanded veins do not look too good, but the more serious the consequences of the disease without treatment.

Infertility in advanced forms is almost cannot be corrected and that is why it is so important to consult a surgeon in time for operations and treatment of sensitive male problem.